Urgent: Fun, or induced by Fear.<!-- --> | <!-- -->Assume Wisely
Urgent: Fun, or induced by Fear.

Urgent: Fun, or induced by Fear.

Posted: May 16, 2015

Most of what we do at work all day is one of these three.

Fun: It's engaging, it gives us satisfaction, people smile.

Urgent: Someone else (or perhaps we) decided that this paper is on fire and it has to be extinguished before anything else happens.

Induced by Fear: Most common of all, the things we do to protect ourselves from the fear we'd have to sit with if we didn't do them.

Not on this list: important.

Covey 2x22 Matrix

Steven Covey's 2x2 matrix is really helpful in understanding what do do with urgent VS important work. Urgent usually gets handled. Then we spend our time on not-urgent & not-important as a way to reward ourselves.

A day spent doing important work is rare. And precious.

It can only happen on purpose.

Git Sum (un)common sense,

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