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Tortoise IS The New Black

Tortoise IS The New Black

Posted: June 12, 2018

I had the chance to dig into some data from Warby Parker as part of a combined project with Codecademy. I distilled data from several tables into a series of actionable insights about two of their marketing funnels. It was fun, for sure: “Any fool can complicate things. It takes genius to simplify them”, Albert Einstein.

A big takeaway from looking at the data is a preference for tortoise frames for both men and women. That preference was measurable in survey data as well as purchase data. When asked, women preferred tortoise to black with a 10% margin of error. Actual purchases confirmed this preference with a narrower margin of error, 5%. Read here for detail on my findings , and my github repo.

Part of the project included a code review from Codecademy. I am appreciative of the feedback. I often recommend Codecademy and have taken other courses from them as well.

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