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Is there Sunshine In Your Soul Today?

Is there Sunshine In Your Soul Today?

Posted: April 1, 2017

I keep telling myself that I am going to start writing about “work related” management and team building. And here is another post that is going to appear to miss the mark, at least on the surface. I say that because team work (i hate to use the term management, but if i don’t it will not be clear that i am talking about leadership in management) is about building teams as much as it is about getting work done. You can’t do that with rose colored glasses.

Elder Holland spoke during the Saturday afternoon session of conference. I resonated with what he said because I feel this is the conversation we should be having.

I often find it hard to sing sunny, bouncing, lyrics. This is the greatest talk I have heard in a long time #Amen #ldsconf ~ Rho 📈 (@rhoLall) April 1, 2017

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