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Push the Button

Push the Button

Posted: March 14, 2018

Begin when you are unprepared. Just begin.

In Entrata there's a setting, "Go Live with Entrata". You can only ever press this button once. When pressed it grays out and cannot be toggled off. It does several things but most notably it enables the general ledger functions.

This week our team migrated our one millionth space. We have pushed this button thousands of times, tens of thousands. A few years ago, back when migrating spaces wasn't even a thing, my team didn't know what this "Go Live" button did.

So we pushed it. Nothing happened.

Back then all the button did was send an email to our sales team. A lot has changed since then, but that is how it started.

Begin. With the humility of someone who's not sure, and the excitement of someone who knows that it's possible.

*Inspired by Seth Godin's Beginning is underrated.

Git Sum (un)common sense,

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