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The Golden Rule of Life Coaching: Coach 50 People

The Golden Rule of Life Coaching: Coach 50 People

Posted: August 7, 2007

Every client you have gives you the feeling that you really are a coach. Then there is the potential for referrals, free training, more and more confidence with every session that you do. Lastly, possible revenue either immediately or down the road. In the extreme, if you have 20 pro bono clients you would attract more clients and feel very comfortable charging them your full feel. Once you have 10 to 20 clients, with the assistant of a mentor coach, your practice will naturally grow in number of those clients.

Client retention and income.

Once you have saved some clients, you might begin to look longer term, sustainable marketing method.

What is Coaching

Coaching involves holding out a possibility in front of others, while coaching them to move to the next level with relentless compassion. Coaching people to unleash their aspirations beyond what they already seem to know and maximize the results is one of the highest aspirations of what it is to be human. Hargrove 2000, there seems to be more to this whole living thing than meets the eye. Coaching is essentially a conversation between a coach and his/her client. Starting with the aim of helping the client live a fulfilling life:

Set Goals: Achieve those goals: A coach with also provide access to ideas the client may already have but is not aware of.

B. Clarity around what the client actually wants. C. Sounding board. D. Support in big decision making. E. Challenge to expand the thinking process and make bold decisions. F. Direction in times of confusion. G. Brain storm to flesh out ideas. H. Acknowledgement and validations.

Coaching isn't mentoring, coaching isn't consulting and coaching isn't therapy.

Git Sum (un)common sense,

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